Did you know that on April 8, 2024 Morrow County will be in the path of a TOTAL solar eclipse?

Morrow County is expecting a surge of visitors near the I71 interchange and along State Routes 42, 61 and 95. With the increased traffic (experts say to expect a Superbowl size crowd of 70,000 to 100,000 people), there is the potential for litter. Morrow County Recycling is proposing a county wide trash bash litter clean up after the passing of the eclipse.

To help with this effort, they are seeking signatures and intent from local businesses and residents to help clean-up the area. With enough potential interest, they can apply for a grant for the April 2024 event that will aid in these efforts.

Please see the attached flyer for more information. A petition is also included where you can indicate your availability to help out with this effort.  To sweeten the deal, they are also offering incentives for those who help out…. Please sign the petition and return it to recycle@co.morrow.oh.us by Sept 1, 2023.

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