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Available youth programs include programs designed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Keep America Beautiful, Inc., Marin County Office of Waste Management, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and programs developed by local Program Managers to meet the Ohio Learning Standards.  Contact your local Program Manager for more details on what is available in your area.

Edible Landfill -  grades 3-6 (can be geared toward younger audiences).

Students will be able to describe basic parts of a landfill and relate the features and materials used in the model with features and materials used in the construction of a real landfill. 

Litter Evaluation Bag - grades 1 and up.

Students will discuss why litter is undesirable and ways to change this behavior. Students will rank a variety of commonly littered items and discuss their reasoning for the ranking.

Mining and Recycling - grades 3 - 6.

Students will be able to describe how resources are extracted from the earth; identify the effects of resource extraction on the environment in terms of land use and pollution; and infer the ability of recycling to conserve resources and reduce the harmful effects resource extraction has on the environment.

Paper Recycling (Papermaking) - grades 3 - 6 (can be geared toward younger audiences).

Students will be able to identify the resources needed to produce a paper product and describe alternative resources that can be used to produce paper; explain the role of energy in a production process; make deductions about the effectiveness of recycling in saving money and energy; and analyze the cost and benefits of alternative consumer choices.

Trash Around the World - grades 4 - 6.  

Students will be able to interpret graphs and data about global solid waste concerns and be able to explain the relationships between a country's physical geography, per capita income, population and solid waste disposal methods.

Worms Eat My Garbage grades 1 and up (although it can be geared toward younger audiences).

Students will examine the quiet life of the "red wiggler" worm.  Students will learn about the physical structure of this tiny biological wonder, understand the role the red wigglers play in the environment (and in recycling leftover food waste), and investigate the concepts of waste reduction and recycling.  Worm bins can be set up for use in your classroom upon request.

Other programs are available upon request.